Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tragedi Kerusuhan Di Cengkareng Duri Kosambi Jakarta

Tragedi Kerusuhan Di Cengkareng Duri Kosambi Jakarta
Jakarta yesterday commotion with the event of clashes between two groups, namely between citizens and the ethnic Madura betawi who live in the area of Duri Kosambi Jakarta CGK. Video riots that occurred in Kosambi illustrates how easily our nation pitted and provocation by the issue and sara causing inter-tribal wars. The video is the video of the tens and even hundreds of houses and shanties vendors Duri Kosambi Jakarta area burned by the original Betawi Jakarta residents.

- Riots in densely populated areas in the Outer Ring Road West, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, dozens of houses destroyed. This is the chronology of the riots that killed Chief Forkabi Cipondoh, Endid Mawardi (43).

Police confirm murder Endid Mawardi background due to bicker pascaserempetan mouth between the driver and the driver's cab on the side of the Honda Jazz Cars JORR Cengkareng toll, right in front of the palm-wood and bamboo shanties owned sales Maduranese.

Kapolsek Cengkareng, Kompol Ruslan said, serempetan happened at about 17:00 pm. In the middle of disputes between the two drivers, one resident who was upset Madura then yelled and told them to leave.

That night, several members Forkabi, including the victim went to the location to meet with the residents of Madura. But in fact the victim was killed with a stab wound in the back of the neck.

"Victims may be relatives or family from one of the drivers who berserempetan," said Head of Police. Explain himself after the murders he has been memintai testimony of three witnesses.

"One of the witnesses from the victim. Two others of the citizens of Madura," he added.

As reported previously, chairman pasca killed Cipondoh Forkabi this happens acts of revenge which caused the mass hangusnya from Madura. Can not yet ascertained the existence of injuries or casualties in these clashes. But dozens of buildings in the form of a location, buildings and motor burn.

Meanwhile, Omi, Ethnic picket officer of West Jakarta Fire Department said as many as 13 fire vehicles have been deployed to the location to conduct the process of extinction. The officer got into trouble because of the location covered by the mass access.

Until this news was revealed, the situation on site has started after hundreds of personnel conducive and Dalmas Jakarta Police Mobile Brigade arrived.

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